Mum’s meltdown

Chief cook and bottle washer here again, aka Clare. I started writing this just after Christmas and was going to share with you the recipes for the successful chocolate brownie, hot chocolate birthday cake and indulgent chocolate roll filled with ganache. I was also going to rave about the delicious, fruit packed Christmas cake I made just for Emily to enjoy.

But oh no! Just when we thought we’d got this diet and intolerance business sussed, in flies another big, fat, f*ck off curve ball (pardon my French). I feel defeated, heartbroken, frustrated and angry and it’s not even me who has the bloody condition!!!!!! Can’t imagine how Emily feels. Hello FODMAP diet for IBS, farewell chickpea flour, dried fruit, oat milk and all the above recipes. Not to mention about a gazillion other foods.

We carefully planned meals that were varied and FODMAP friendly. When the family had fajitas, I made a version for Emily that she could try and enjoy. Not so! After an hour or so, she felt unwell. How could she? I’d carefully omitted the onions, garlic and other ingredients on the forbidden list. I’d used a gluten free wrap that we’ve been buying for ages but Emily’s belly and bum were suffering. I scratched my head a bit longer and thought I’d best check the wrap ingredients. There in all its smug glory was chickpea flour along with apple juice concentrate, another no no. Gotcha, albeit a bit late!

So, no more wraps, pitta bread or pizza bases that make life a little easier. Back to the drawing board for me. The freezer has been emptied of all the cakes and breads I have made so now needs refilling.
The only extremely faint glimmer of a twinkle of dim light in all this is that when I went to the shop to replenish my chickpea flour (before we became familiar with FODMAP), they had run out. I decided to try some egg replacement powder. Someone, somewhere was looking out for us and I’d love it if they could help me come up with some bread, cake and treat recipes.

Watch this space because when I’ve calmed down from my rant, I will share my successes. 🤞🙏

Thank you for reading!! Please do comment or message me on socials (links at bottom) with any suggestions, comments, or questions. Remember, sharing is caring – if you liked what you read please do share it on social media and with friends.


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