About me

Me, a mid-sized white woman, sat in a wheelchair. I am looking away from the camera and laughing. I am wearing black rimmed glasses and my long blonde hair is waved and tied back in a high bunch. I am wearing black denim dungarees and a lilac tee with an embroidered sunflower.

Winging it

Ever feel like you’re just winging it at life? Me too. Sometimes I feel like I’m smashing it, but sometimes I get locked in car parks with my best friend because we didn’t check when it closed. Despite all my slightly questionable antics and a chronic illness thrown in the mix, I have come a long ass way in a few years. I was a product of the patriarchy and capitalism, driving myself mad trying to be the ‘perfect’ woman. You know the one – not too fat, but not too thin; not too loud, but not too quiet; wears some makeup, but not too much (I could go on). Essentially I did what many of us think we have to do for the male gaze. A few years on and I am a disabled feminist in my mid-twenties, out of an abusive relationship, and have completed countless counselling sessions and self-help courses. As I’m sure you can imagine, I now have some pretty invaluable tips when it comes to wellbeing, relationships, intersectional feminism and everything in between. Come along with me as I write about what I have learned and continue to learn – expect a lot of fails, some oversharing and a few allergen friendly recipes for any fellow intolerant people.
Think of me as your new feminist friend on the internet!

Let’s wing it together.

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